There are many ways to support Vinnies Victoria, our key Fundraising Appeals are outlined below.

vinnies youth vic summer appeal

 The Back To School Appeal provides young people each year with the opportunity to learn and thrive. The donations raised through this initiative helps students thrive, patience and consistency. Vinnies does this by providing:

  • Learning programs that support children and young people to develop social, emotional and academic skills and confidence.
  • 1:1 student-directed support focusing on developing the four pillars of literacy – reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  • School essentials, such as uniforms and shoes and items such as books, stationery and digital devices that are standard inclusions on many book lists in Victoria

vinnies youth vic shops

Donate good quality, pre-loved clothes and toys which can be sold through the Vinnies Shops to help people in need. Alternatively, if your students are over the age of 15 they can volunteer their time at one of our shops across the state. To find out more about our shops Click here

vinnies youth vic school sleepouts

Connected to our Winter Appeal is an opportunity called School Sleepouts, that engages with the issue of homelessness. School Sleepouts are an advocacy, awareness and fundraising event run by school communities. 

School Sleepouts like our annual CEO Sleepout, challenge participants to engage with the homelessness experience by spending a night ‘in the shoes’ of others. 

To learn more and access resources to set up your own School Sleepout, visit our platform here.

school sleepout guide

vinnies youth vic winter appeal

The Winter Vinnies Appeal provides emergency relief to people at risk and experiencing homelessness. Schools can help by fundraising and/or collecting donations of blankets, socks, and non-perishable food collections. In recent years schools have been undertaking awareness raising events like the much-loved School Sleep Outs.

vinnies youth vic spring appeal

The primary aim of the Vinnies Spring Appeal is to provide Soup Van Program with funds to continue helping the most vulnerable on the streets. The money raised through this appeal helps provide food for 9 different van locations across the state. The vans not only provide food but also social connection, and referral pathways out of homelessness and poverty, to people experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness and disadvantage.

vinnies youth vic soup van

Donate Non-perishable goods to the local kitchens of our Soup Vans to provide hampers on the street runs. Alternatively, you can raise funds for the Soup Vans to buy items to provide a hot meal on the street. To find out more about Soup Vans Click Here