Schools can engage with and assist the St Vincent de Paul Society in many ways. Our programs and sessions help to deepen a child’s understanding of social justice by seeing the needs of people in their own neighbourhood and beyond.

Many schools will combine learning about and supporting the Society with units of inquiry. This includes units relating to social justice, community and volunteering. Vinnies encourages school communities to live their faith through action using the ‘See’, ‘Think’ ‘Do’ and ‘Reflect Model.

Explore the different opportunities for schools via the boxes below:

Mini Vinnies

Mini Vinnies is for primary school aged children and is perfectly suited to grad 3-6 students.

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School Sessions

Want us to chat to your students? Learn more about our online or face-to-face workshops here.

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College Conferences

College Conference is a secondary school version of our St Vincent de Paul Conferences and is suited for students in grade 7-12.

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Schools fundraise and donate valuable funds and goods to Vinnies every year. Get involved here.

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